Dive Survey Friday 24th June 2022

Dive Survey Friday 24th June 2022

I think I can safely say that today was a very, very, very good day 😊😊😊

The team from Briggs Marine were very happy with the results of the survey, only finding two holes in the port bow, which they can easily make safe for towing. John, the diver, reported that the aluminium looked in very good condition and he was also able to enter the ship in the engine room, so that was a plus. Outwardly, she is obviously very encrusted with barnacles and sea life, but these shouldn’t cause any problems. There is, as was expected, a lot of silt below decks but with the correct removal equipment, again this shouldn’t be a problem.

Craig, the dive supervisor, was very positive that salvage is possible. His report will take about two weeks to complete. The dive was relayed to a shoreside screen by the divers ‘on board’ camera and even though the water wasn’t overly clear we were afforded some really good shots.

Martin Barnes from Ambipar was very happy with what he saw and is very confident that salvage shouldn’t be a problem.

A most excellent day all round.

Article by Martin Slater, images by Phil Owen.